The Warren

Erotica is a path to sexual love. In fiction, photography, explicit art, and sculpture, erotica can depict all types of human sexuality.

Women and men often have slightly different tastes in erotica. Men often want it more direct, urgent, and primal. Women frequently want it laced with affection, tenderness, and caresses.

The truth is men and women like a mixture of all these traits, and more. Sometimes men and women like it intense— sticky-hot, and then calmed down to gentle and cuddly.

As a female bunny, I try to deliver the romance with a sticky-hot sizzle, and Buck, he likes to set everyone free for satisfying the itch with a long, hard, blitz.

Here you will find stories that make you laugh, cry, thoughtful, hopeful, and horny. We hope our stories will leave you interested in finding a little eroticism for yourself. Give a little love to someone special today.

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