There will be a gradual gathering of short stories here. “Harley and Louise” are the first, “Old Habits Die Hard” is the second, and more will be coming.

“Harley and Louise” are short stories in epistolary (diary) form. They are some hilarious, outrageous kink adventures between a D/s couple. This gives you a small taste of my writing. I hope you enjoy them. Bunny

Harley and Louise

Dear Diary:

You’ll never guess what my dear Lord and Master, the great and wondrous Lord Grand Pooh-Bah, light of my world did. The stupe tied me spread eagle in frigging poison ivy . That is the last time I let that Mr. Un-Botanical take me outside at night to play!

He called me this morning and said rather slowly, “Uh, Louise‑baby, uuh….you been sick lately?”

“Sick? No. Why do you ask?”

“Wull,  not sick … ‘xactly. Ya know, baby, soma that-there crotch rot, ya get sometimes?”

“Crotch rot? You’re so disgusting, where did I find you at?”

“He, he, he” he croaked in that deep froggy voice of his. “Yew lak mah disgustin’ self, babe. But now, don’t you try ta sweet talk me. I wants ta know if yer sick?”

“Sick? Do you mean you got some itchy bumpy-like things on you? Where are they, Harley? Your legs?”

“Yep, you got it, huh? Woman, why the hell dinja tell me ya was sick? I’da never….”

“Hey, you ole buzzard…. it wasn’t me. It was those damn spiders. I told you I didn’t want to go outside to fuck, but you had to have the fresh spring air! Well, I got me a few of those damn bites too! You know how you get rid of them? You scratch the hell out of ’em! And when they start to cry a little, you let it seep all out, that’ll get rid of it. Now, I gotta go…talk to you later!”

Hah! I got my revenge on the ole coot. He will think twice about playing sacrifice‑the‑pagan‑virgin to the stag‑God outside again!

copyright© 2001 LilMiss, aka Bunny Plumher


Dear Diary:

It has been a few days since the poison ivy incident. Boy, was the Lord Grand Poobah mad at me for my “health advice”. After about a week of topical ointments, he was able to pull jeans on over his still itchy legs and he came right over.

“Lou‑weez,” he drawled slowly, “git yer self over ‘ere, wo‑mun.”

He pointed at the floor directly in front of him. I knelt in that special place while he took out a ‘kerchief and tied it around my eyes. Helping me to stand he moved me to a chair, had me sit and bound my arms behind the back of it with some kind of cord, then my thighs to the chair bottom and my ankles to the legs. Looked like I was in for a lecture. Sometimes the way that man spoke so slow it was worse than a belt.

“O‑pin your mouth wide,” he spoke softly. He plopped his semi‑soft cock in my mouth and demanded , “Suck-it, you lil varmint….’Mon…press them lips hard…ummm.” He kept up a running encouragement as his cock rapidly grew.

 Something was strange though. My lips and tongue seem to be encountering something … different. I tried to pull my head back to ask him about it, but he pushed his cock in and grabbed a hand full of hair. He began fucking my mouth. I tried to make a few protestations but they were pretty muffled….”Mmey!!!  Marwee !! Mmop!!

Harley joined in, as though I was delightedly wanting it harder, deeper, faster….

“Uhh….you’re a naughty lil varmint,” he croaked out.

“C’mon, Lou‑weez, scratch muh itch.  ‘Them lil blisters ‘er drivin’ me cray-zzy. Don’t worry ’bout ’em poppin’… I brought the salve with me!

He pushed hard and I felt and HEARD one of them pop, then another. Gagging and choking my squeals could be heard in the next county…as Harley rammed his cock down my throat, laughing so hard he cried real tears.

“Swoller!” he commanded. I shook my head and tried to spit it out…he just laughed and slapped his wet cock on my face. I could feel the raised bumps and recoiled in horror. The poison ivy!!!! My mouth free, I was cussing and screaming at him.

 He was laughing so hard, he fell on the floor, and remained there while I raged and burned. It only seemed to make him commence to laugh again. Smoldering, I finally stopped cursing at him altogether. His laughter trailed off. I jumped when I felt his hands untie my blindfold, and he started to giggle again.

Once the blindfold was off, he tapped me on the shoulder and returned to a breathless fit of laughter, tottering around, while showing me his meat. The damn tricky ol’ coot had cut out and pasted about 10 of those lil bubble-wrap bubbles on his cock!  Several were depleted of air. He still couldn’t talk. He was staggering with laughter as he re‑enacted my horror when a couple popped in my mouth.

Finally, I had to laugh. The man got me good. After we both had tears running down our cheeks, I said “Ok, untie me please, Harley.”

He smiled devilishly, shaking his head.

“Un uh, you  gotta suck my poison stick first. He, he, he… ’til you pop awl ’em “sores”. Git buzy, wo‑mun!”

Copyright© 2001LilMiss, aka Bunny Plumher

Old Habits Die hard

Missy had a terrible habit of swearing. She had been aware of it for many years and gave mild lip service to self-correction. When she found a Dominant that felt perfect for her, she never thought that he would take her desire to stop swearing so seriously.

This was the seventh or eighth time in as many weeks that she was caught swearing. She always seemed to lose her temper over the politics of the day. As she listened to NPR or watched the nightly news while doing chores, anyone in the house could hear her talking back to the TV or radio, usually in expletives.

This evening it had been “What a load of horse shite, you miserable cock sucking, motherfucker. I bet you did fuck your own mother.”

It was at that moment she noticed her Dom’s movement in the doorway. His consternation was apparent. His mouth set in a grim line. He pointed at the TV and said, “Shut it off.”

 She found the remote and clicked it off, then chanced a look at him. He was pointing at the corner, and in acceptance of her error, she moved silently to stand quietly in the corner.

“I don’t understand. I just gave you a warning spanking for your poor word choices this morning. What is the problem?”

She spoke to him without turning around.  “I’m sorry, Daddy, It’s such a habit, it’s like it’s ingrained in me… I just can’t seem to stop!”

“Obviously, I am failing as a leader. You continue swearing without even the most remote recognition that it was no longer something you are to do. And after you have had so many warnings and punishments.”

He shook his head “I have to think about this. What I am doing is not reaching your brain.”

He motioned for her to stay in the corner. He gave her no time limit, which she knew was maximum dissatisfaction. This meant she was to remain there until he made a decision otherwise. She would get behind in her work if he didn’t come back within half an hour. It was almost an hour later when he returned with his verdict.

 “You have been given additional chores to do, sometimes difficult tasks and yet you have not taken to heart the lessons you were to learn. And when you ignore Daddy’s warnings, you have to pay the price. Obviously, extra work doesn’t make a difference to you. I’m afraid it’s going to be the belt.”

He pointed to the high backed chair, and she knew she was to bend over it for her spanking. As she took her place, she heard his belt being unbuckled.

This was bad. This was very bad. Daddy hardly ever used his belt. She felt his hand roughly grab her hair and lift her head.

He bent over her and whispered, “Get those panties off, little girl or I’ll whip them to shreds! You know what you’re supposed to do for a spanking!  Tell me! Say the words,” he demanded.

“Always a bare-bottomed spanking, Daddy!” As her panties dropped to the floor pooling around her ankles, he gave a preliminary snap at her backside with the belt. She felt a slight sting and relaxed.

His bark is always worse than his bite, thank God. He probably isn’t going to beat my bottom, even though I do deserve it.

He put his hand on her back, which he never had done before during a spanking, and she heard the belt passing through the air and then the sound of a sharp crack as it made contact with her bare bottom. Before she could react to the sting, there was another one and a third, and fourth, fast, hard and sharp. It hurt. The pain was hot and intense. Searing after four in a row, one fire on top of the next, she danced her feet around, trying to jiggle her bottom to ease the pain.

Daddy pushed harder on her back to stop her moving and laid into her again. She had not made any noise at all, so he doubled his efforts in power and accuracy, laying them down in the same spot again and again.

She pleaded, “Daddy! please…please, I won’t do it anymore!”

He stopped momentarily to answer her. His voice was calm, “I know you won’t, sweetheart. Daddy is going to make sure this is the very last time we have to deal with this.”

He continued, but now on a new path, her upper thighs. She cried out, moaning and yelping at every contact of the belt. This was more delicate skin, and the pain was more intense. She danced and wiggled. He brought one strike up and laid it across her back, commanding, “Stand still, or it will be worse for you!

He resumed giving five more across her bottom again. It felt ablaze! Then he stopped and rubbed her bottom with his hand. She moaned at his cooling touch, moving involuntarily.

“Tell me, little girl, repeat those bad words you said today! Say them!”

“Cock sucker, motherfucker, fuck, and horse shite.”

He gave her four along the same path, which was cooling, but now burned again with the fires of hell.

“Tell me the words again, little girl!” He pulled hard on her hair until she repeated them. He gave her four more in the same spot.

She screamed, ” NO, Daddy! NO! Please…

“Again! Repeat those words,” he snarled. “Say them!… I dare you to!”

Sobbing with pain, she knew she had made excuses for her habit. Trying wasn’t good enough. It took actual effort to change, not lip service.

“No, Daddy! I won’t say them! I won’t!”

He gave her four more hard strikes demanding that she speak the offensive words. She refused again. Crying hard, sobbing, her nose running, hair wild, her bottom beet red, he could hardly understand her words.

“I promise, Daddy, I promise, I won’t say them anymore! I won’t, Daddy!”

His hand, full of tissues, appeared in front of her eyes. She blew her nose and wiped the tears from her face.

“Come here!” Daddy said, pulling her toward him. His arms around her, she took deep harsh, hesitant breathes as she calmed. He rocked her gently in his arms until her breath calmed altogether. He asked, “Now what do you have to say to me, my little Missy?”

“Thank you, Daddy, for caring so much! Thank you for recognizing that I wasn’t really making a change in my words… I guess I needed a spanking on my bare bottom, Daddy, to make me see that I wasn’t sincere to myself.”

 “You’re welcome, my sweet little girl. You’re right. When you are insincere to yourself, you are insincere to me, too. Daddy is always here for you, baby girl, even if I have to take the hard way for you to recognize the answer begins and ends with you.

“C’mon, sweetheart, show Daddy how much you love him, baby girl,” he said, smiling, as he led her into the bedroom.

Copyright © Bunny Plumher, 2017

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