Bunny Plumher

Eros Author, Book Collector, Chocolate Aficionado, Animal Lover, Coffee Devotee

I am a writer of contemporary erotic romance. I like writing hot, spicy sex scenes, and occasionally, I like a lil juicy kink mixed in with that zesty flavor, then add some romance, throw in a little humor, and stir until well mixed.

I like to think of each of us as being controlled by our calculating, measured brain, and through our instinctual animal natures. I believe what kink does for us is to help us to turn off the calculations and rely more on the instinctual to saturate our sexual beings. We sometimes howl at the moon, dance naked in the moonlight, and stomp to a wild beat, driving our energies to excess in order to find the savage beast inside.

Don’t forget to check out Bunny’s Buck. Ol’ Buck writes some male heat into his tales. I suspect, knowing Buck as I do, his stories are fiction based on fact. He has a lot of events to draw from. Ladies, if you see Ol’ Buck comin’…well, you’re a lucky woman.