Blog #6 Formatted

July has been fevered nights and long plodding days. NO, I’m not sick, no pandemic here. I have been formatting the manuscript for my latest book, Taboo’nacle of Love. I never figured out some of the things I wanted to do, but I finally settled on orderly sequential page numbers.

 Hooray! I have completed the formatting and have my author proofing copy coming. I am so eager to share this hilarious parody with you! It is a spoof… a satirical erotic comedy. I laughed all the way through writing it and even now when I read it makes me chuckle. I hope to get the audio version completed, so everyone can hear my version.

The congregation of the Taboo’nacle of Love is a little prurient, a bit risqué, even salacious, and possibly a tad coarse but always entertaining. An amusing sexual romp, in a bawdy parody with BDSM overtones. It’s all about Pastor Holcum and his flock who affirm their faith with strict adherence to the cleansing power of a man’s fertile Holy Cock.                    

July 29 is the launch date for Taboo’nacle of Love on Amazon.

Blog #5 Editing Done!

I have finally finished editing my next book, FRENCH KISS. It has gone off to the cover designer, but will not be ready for some time. Meanwhile, I am going to be working on marketing The Duchess. I am considering using the Goodreads Giveaway, to make more people aware of it.

Blog #4 New Look, New Description

I’ve redone my website with the new cover for The Duchess. I even added a new description. The story was fun to write. I took an event that had happened to me, expanded, added to it, and created a warm, romantic, and sizzling story about two mature adults seeking love.

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