Book Blog #1 FRENCH KISS: Always and Forever

Hi! I haven’t been ignoring you, just busy-busy writing a new story. I am almost done but let me give you some insights to the basis of the new book.
The title is FRENCH KISS: Always and Forever. It is the story of a fresh-faced young woman, just graduating from college and off to Europe to visit her girlfriend who is studying French. I used some components of events that happened to me when I took a trip to Europe.
It was a lot of fun and pretty interesting. I met lots of new people and found that everyone, everywhere has the same beating heart for romance.
I’m going to write a blog post every week so you should be able to have a good idea about the book as I report on my progress. Here’s a lil sliver of the story.
Chapter 1 What I need is some kind of . . . sex attraction test!
I had been dating my boyfriend, Zack, for nearly two years, and for the third time, he decided he wanted ‘time off.’ For the third time! I didn’t get it. There has been hardly any sex! I am hotter than a pistol and want it so bad, and he is ignoring my sexual interest!
I needed to use this ‘time-off’ thing to my best advantage. I was determined to find out if the problem is Zack’s or mine.
No one else has shown any interest in months! Could it be I am unappealing?
Hold on! Of course, no one else shows any interest! Everyone sees ‘Zack and Nora’ as a couple!
What I need is some kind of . . . Sex Attraction Test! I don’t know what that would be exactly. I’m not even sure how to create one!
I know the questions I want answered! Do I have sexual appeal? Can I attract a man ENOUGH to make him so hot and horny that he would ACT on his desires? No more playing around! I want someone who will go for the GOLD!
The test will only be valid if the man knows NOTHING about me . . . or Zack!
Someone I’ve never met before — a complete stranger.

What about Taboo’nacle of Love?
This fun-loving sex satire is coming out – really! I think April or May it should be available. It is done. I have a cover for it, but I decided it really doesn’t do it justice, so I am thinking of new possibilities.
This novella is a parody of the extremes in which some religious worshipers find serenity and profound conviction. It’s not for everyone, just those who enjoy tales of a church of faithful devotees of the golden rule to ‘Love one another.’

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