New Things

Those who are wondering, “What happened to Taboo’nacle?” It will be published in the spring, 2021. I really wanted people who enjoy erotic contemporary romance to have a real opportunity to be aware of the book. My intention was to write something shorter, a novella, that will help you agree; the enjoyment makes you want more! 

That manuscript turned into a much longer story than anticipated. It is now a full-blown novel, and I will publish it first. I have been diligently writing these last few months while we are all on lockdown.

The new book has a snappy title, The Sex Attraction Test. Some of it is fiction, and some are real events that happened. You get the fun of trying to guess which is which! It’s naughty, heartfelt, romantic, full of pleasure and laughter. Sound interesting? Sign up for my newsletter, and you’ll get more monthly information.

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