An Interview with Biker Bob

Bunny:  Readers, we have a guest author with us today, my dear friend Biker Bob!

BB: Before we start, I want to thank you for inviting me to talk about my work.  I’m not a blogger, and I don’t read many blogs but since you have been kind enough to advertise some of my stories on your site  I’m happy to take some time to answer a few questions for you and maybe generate a little more interest in both my novellas and your web site.

Bunny:  I am so glad you’re here today. There has been some controversy that Biker Bob and Bunny is really the same author! Can you imagine?

BB: (Laughing) When you first told me that, I sort of ignored it. I suppose they are just looking at the names Biker Bob, Bunny, and Bunny’s Buck. Everything starts with a “B,” and people make that assumption since you have me listed on your web site. About the only way we are going to convince people otherwise is to keep writing the way we do. Anyone who can read should be able to tell just by writing style alone that I write from a male perspective, and your prose is very feminine. In this era though, I suspect we will never convince some people that we NOT the same person, even though we have never met, and live a couple of thousand miles apart.

Bunny: I know that Biker Bob is a pen name, but is it also a real nickname for you?

BB:  No. I just happen to like alliterative names, and Biker Bob was a name that just popped up one day in something I was writing, so I decided to use it for myself. The only connection is that I do ride motorcycles and know a little about biker culture, so it sort of fits.

Bunny: In your writing, I have noticed that alliteration is one of the word games you like to play. Is this something more to you than just style?

BB: I think it is a natural thing with me. I like word games, big words, and even horrible puns.  I try not to let them creep into my writing, but I think a big part of my style is wordplay, and my readers enjoy that little ‘extra.’  Besides that, I need to amuse myself with more than just a storyline.  I think that is especially true in erotica, which can get dull as hell to write.

Bunny: Erotica is not all you write, is it?

BB: No, I have other things going, but right now, Biker Bob’s stories like Forbidden: The Preacher’s Wife, and the next book, Rodeo Rider are the newest books available to our readers.

Bunny:  There is one thing readers are always curious about. In your new book, Rodeo Rider, your main character, Willie Ballum, travels on a motorcycle, and I know you have been all over the United States on a motorcycle, so the natural question is,  how much of your erotic writing could we say is actually biographical?

BB: (Laughing) I’m going to deny all personal knowledge here except to say that I have ridden a lot of miles on a bike and I have met some interesting people in my life. I do think that every writer puts something of themselves into every story they write.  It is just a matter of experience with living.  Sex is universal, and years of experience will always color your perceptions, so the odd memory here and there pops up and gets added into the story.  Let’s just say that at my advanced age, experience, and wishful thinking sort of blend into some colorful storylines.

Bunny: Advanced age? How old are you?

BB: Older than I’m willing to admit. You may have noticed that my characters don’t use cell phones.  While I do carry one, I don’t often use it, and my characters really don’t need them.  I guess maybe there is some biographical nuance in my stories since I never used one in my travels.  I will admit to being old enough that I don’t need a history book to tell me about the war in Vietnam.

Bunny: OK, you are saying that your Willie Ballum character is not you?

BB: Correct, he is not me.  I’m sure there is some of me reflected in him, but once a story starts to unfold, it is all him.  The truth is, most of the time, I have no idea what he is gonna do or say.  Sometimes it feels like I should just stop writing and read the story. I guess my characters are all like Willie in that regard. I’m never sure who is going to say or do anything until it happens.  I suppose that makes it more fun for me, working with totally freewheeling characters.

Bunny: So your characters just run away with the story, and you have no control over them?

BB: I’d like to think I have some control, but I have been known to start one storyline and find the end product is not even close to the original concept.  For example, in the second part of The Preachers Wife, this character, Wanda, just sort of wandered in and started giving the Jean character all kinds of weird ideas. I never expected any of that to happen, and I had a tough time keeping Jean under control and on track in the story because of Wanda’s influence. In fact, Jean ended up doing, and saying, some things I never expected. The Preachers Wife is actually going to have a third part, and I suspect Wanda will show up there, also.

Bunny: Let’s go back to Willie Ballum. Willie’s first appearance is in Rodeo Rider, but you make it sound like he has been around awhile.

BB: Rodeo Rider is the first published piece about Willie.  I have several more stories about him that have only been read by a few close friends, so while most people have never read any of his stories, the character goes back to several adventures before Rodeo Rider.  In fact, there might be a story about Willie when he was in high school available in a few months.  Right now, that story has some teenage growing pains, so we will have to wait and see.

Bunny:  Readers like to meet interesting characters. Some authors actually “interview” their characters for blogs.  Have you ever considered doing that or maybe letting me interview him?  I’m not sure I have ever known a blogger to interview another writers’ character, so it might be a whole new thing to try.

BB: I’m sure Willie would be polite but maybe not very forthcoming to you.  I know all about him, and he may be more trusting of me.  You must remember, Willie might have a few irate husbands and fathers to worry about, and he knows I won’t push him too hard on that subject.  It is something we can think about.

Bunny:  How about if I send you a few of my questions for your interview with Willie? I will gladly publish it on my website I’m sure my readers would be interested in knowing more about Willie Ballum, and Wanda, too!

It’s has been a pleasure speaking with you, Biker Bob. Thank you for pointing out our literary differences, and for the insight on several of your characters, and your writing style.  We all look forward to hearing more about Willie, Wanda, and your upcoming novels.  ~

   Biker Bob’s   Forbidden: The Preacher’s Wife  
  Coming soon:  Rodeo Rider      
Bunny’s The Duchess
Coming soon: Taboo’nacle of Love: the Free Will Sanctification Church

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