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A Contemporary Spicy Romance!

The Most Desirable of Women.

He recognized that poise — Suzanna ‘the Duchess’. They met in one of ‘those’ websites, a place where you looked for ‘special’ people― with thoughts and impulses like your own.  They were both comfortably in their mid-fifties.

Now reconnecting at a Dark Pleasures Conference,  with a throb in his groin and a lurch of his kinky heart,  Michael knew his first instinct last year was correct. Why hadn’t he followed through with this attractive woman? He was sure of one thing in his future: the Duchess will be his.

Suzanna realized quickly Michael was quite the storyteller. A born salesman, he could make anything sound interesting. The man was excellent at selling himself, his abilities. You felt you could trust him with your secrets.

Somehow the original connection they had made a year before had never gone forward.  It had been so warm and pleasant, so she was mystified by his decision to go no further and a tad miffed. Now that they had met again, she was feeling a little . . . calculating.

Will she reject him or tangle him in love’s knot?


Bonus Preview
Taboo’nacle of Love: the Free Will Sanctification Church

“Wow, what a hot opening to the book!”….. “enjoyed your writing…wild mind.”
“There is something very erotic when the clergy is included with our lifestyle.”
“I want to be a character in your next book.”

Chapter 1

           Jess was always a True Believer, and his past religious life required him to ask for the Lord’s help in everything that he did, even fornication. Especially fornication. Because the desire for sexual pleasure could be the Devil’s playground, you had to be sure you were fucking for the Lord, not Satan. He asked the Lord to cleanse her pussy and make his cum the blessed gift from God, which was not to be wasted. Every drop had to be thrust deep into her pussy, as close to the cervix as possible. Jess consistently required Candy to remain in place for ten minutes with her legs over his shoulders and his cock buried deep inside her. He regularly continued to thrust and retain his hardness for as long as possible after spewing his cum.

            It was the same method used by animals, Pastor Holcum had said, to ensure procreation. Like the dog: a dog’s penis has a big ole’ knot that helps the sperm stay longer in the bitch. Since humans don’t have a big knot, the way to keep the sperm inside her and flowing toward the goal of the womb is to raise her legs and keep your cock in her. That, and of course, making her orgasm. When a woman has an orgasm, the cervix kind of “sucks up” the sperm. This is why it is so essential to ejaculate down deep, right at the entrance to the cervix.

            A few times, particularly when he had tied Candy’s hands to swivel hooks on the headboard, and she could do nothing to stop him, he lubed her up and fucked her in the ass, even though she screamed. After he got inside, she became wild, moaning, and thanking the Lord with enthusiasm, pleading for him to go slower. When he did, she orgasmed, shaking and quaking with an intensity he had never seen. He tried hard not to allow his holy sacred fluids to flow, but her total relinquishment to carnal, feral-like sexual passion in response to his brutish, bestial copulation…well, he was unable to control himself, and he had ejaculated in her beautifully firm ass.

Taboo’nacle will be launching in 2021.


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 Forbidden: the Preacher’s Wife
by Biker Bob

2.25x3.75 compressed Left behind while their spouses attend a district conference weekend, the preacher’s wife, Billie, asked Barry to show her around a local sex shop. Half hard, half panicked, he had no idea if he had been propositioned or pranked.

In part two, what happens when Barry’s wife, Jean, a member of the choir, takes an unusual interest in the pastor’s personal organ? First, she gets a little unintended help, encouragement, and humorous advice from a friend, then entices the pastor to help her find the music and the organ she wants to play.


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